"The People's Vision for Bishop's Stortford"

A statement from the Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation - November 2009

This Vision is designed to reflect the views of the population of Bishop's Stortford, represented by the Civic Federation. Bishop's Stortford is the largest town in East Herts and should have facilities to match.

This statement is produced in response to increasing disquiet at continuing development in the town without any formal strategy to manage its impact on our environment and infrastructure, and to ensure all future development enhances and preserves the character and treasured features of our town.

We believe no further development should take place in Bishop's Stortford unless it complies with 'The People's Vision' for the future of our town.

Overarching Vision

All those attributes which we regard as essential for the future vitality of the town will be imperilled by increasing traffic congestion. The very nature of our town means its mediaeval street pattern is incapable of being re-structured to accommodate additional traffic.

The intention to build as many as 3,000 houses on land to the north of the town (the ASRs  Map ), together with continued expansion in the Essex villages of Stansted, Birchanger, Takeley, Elsenham and Henham, would cause an unsustainable amount of traffic to swamp the town.

We believe the town must not expand beyond 40,000 people. Bishop's Stortford has borne the brunt of all new housing in the last twenty years and is now the largest town in the district. This growth cannot continue as it is destroying the very attractive features so highly valued by the people in the town.

Historic Market Town

Future Developments

Town Centre

Causeway Site


Infrastructure and Services

Stansted Airport

November 2009