News Stories in 2014

Jun 14 - Public Consultation - Next Steps

Public consultation has now finished and feedback will be presented to the next District Planning Executive Panel on 17th July 2014.

See the East Herts District Council website for further details.

13 May 14 - BSCF Critique of District Plan

See the documents below for the BSCF's detailed critique of the District Plan:

KEY POINTS of District Plan

SUMMARY of BSCF District Plan Critique

BSCF Critique of Draft District Plan

27 Feb 14 - Chronic Parking Congestion in Havers Lane

Havers Action Group  Map  have come together once again, this time in an attempt to address the severe congestion created by commuter parking in Havers Lane and surrounding streets. The group have evidence offenders are a mixture of town workers and commuters using the station. Both groups have adopted our streets as the new free parking zone with complete disregard for our amenity by refusing to pay for parking at the prescribed sites and residents are suffering real inconvenience as a result.

The group canvassed residents' opinions and found there was a strong feeling that parking restrictions should be put in place to deal with what has become a dangerous situation for pedestrians and residents as well as motorists using Havers Lane. The situation has become so bad that residents have collected evidence of busses and service vehicles unable to pass due to parked cars, frustrations have boiled over with some commercial drivers who object to backing up and there is also evidence of vehicles mounting the pavements to avoid collisions. Pedestrians have also many tales to tell of near misses.

Havers Action Group presented their findings to both the Police and Cllr Woodward and requested assistance in implementing their preferred solution. That solution being an extension of the existing single yellow lines in place at the bottom of Havers Lane to the top of the Lane on both sides with the same time restrictions 08.30 – 10.30, including Chesfield Close & Wrenbrook Road and double yellow lines on both sides of the bends in Havers Lane.

At the time of writing, residents of Wrenbrook Road have proposed another scheme which may suit them better and are pursuing that separately.

Our request for help was first made in April 2013 and Cllr Woodward in his highways capacity implemented a public consultation for residents with a deadline for comments and/or objections of 20 December 2013. Cllr Woodward has explained that legal procedures and processes that have to be accomplished before any implementation but given the time that has passed residents hope their hard work has not disappeared in to a bureaucratic black hole & that their preferred solution will be implemented without further delay & before anyone is seriously injured.

16 Feb 14 - Draft District Plan Consultation details

East Herts District Council has published its Draft District Plan for consultation which sets out what sites could be used for housing development over the next 15 years across East Herts.

Public consultation on the Draft District Plan begins on Thursday 27 February 2014 and runs until Thursday 22 May 2014.

The threat to the town
Some 2,800 homes are proposed for the Areas of Special Restraint  Map  and now the District Plan is envisaging up to 1000 more homes for the Whittington Way area  Map  which is located on Green Belt  Map  land. In February 2012, Whittington Way was rejected by the Inspector as a site for a proposed "super-school"; one of the reasons given was:

752. Although some elements of the Appeal A proposal would be acceptable within the Green Belt, the proposals include a significant amount of development which would be inappropriate in Green Belt terms. Accordingly I have concluded that Scheme A, as a whole, constitutes inappropriate development in the Green Belt and therefore is at odds with guidance in PPG2, as well as being in conflict with saved Local Plan policy GBC1. PPG2 explains that inappropriate development is, by definition, harmful to the Green Belt and makes it clear that Green Belts can also be harmed by development which prejudices their continued protection, or does not preserve openness, or by development which injures visual amenities. It further explains that in view of the presumption against inappropriate development, the Secretary of State will attach substantial weight to the harm to the Green Belt when considering any planning application or appeal concerning such development.

How to respond to the Consultation
You can view the Council's preferred options and take part in the District Plan Consultation.
Hard copies can be viewed at the council offices or your local library.