News Stories in 2012

12 Dec 12 - POSTPONED AGAIN! Cllr. Tindale "not available" to attend Standards Sub-Committee

A spokesman for East Herts Disctrict Council has confirmed that the case against Cllr. Tindale will not be heard by the Standards Sub-Committee meeting on 18 December because Cllr. Tindale is "not available" on that day. This is the second postponement of a hearing into Tindale's conduct at the Development Control Committee held on 25 August, 2011. For more details, see this article: East Herts confirms new delay in conduct hearing against top Tory published in the Herts and Essex Observer.

8 Dec 12 - Standards Sub-Committee to discuss conduct of Cllr. Tindale


Councillor's address to the Development Control Committee which heard Henderson's application to develop the Causeway site is to come under scrutiny.

The Standards Committee is to meet at 2.30pm on Tuesday December 18 at Charringtons House, Bishop's Stortford, to discuss the conduct of Councillor Tindale during his address to the Development Control Committee held on 25 August 2011. Following the decision of the committee to grant planning permission to Henderson to develop the Causeway site, the BSCF wrote a letter of complaint to East Herts District Council.

See this page on EHDC's website for further details as they are announced.

This committee meeting is open to the public. Note: Time changed to 2.30pm :

Date: Tuesday 18 December
Time: 2.30pm
Place: Charringtons House, Bishop's Stortford

18 Nov 12 - Tesco Express store planned at Havers Lane

See this page for more details.

25 Oct 12 - BSCF Chairman stands down

BSCF Chairman, David Fitzpatrick, stands down.

30 Sep 12 - A tribute to Michael Hurford, former BSCF president

Michael Hurford 1923 - 2012

Our President, Michael Hurford, died on 29 September following diagnosis earlier in the year that he was suffering from an inoperable tumour.

Michael, who was 89 years old, had lived in Bishop's Stortford for half a century. Among his many interests was the history of our town, which he loved so much, and his passion to ensure that its essential character as an historic market town was not destroyed by the development pressures which we have faced for so long.

Long before the Civic Federation was established, he campaigned to keep the ASRs free from development as open countryside for all the town’s residents to enjoy. As a committee member of the Federation’s predecessor, the Civic Society, he represented it at many public inquiries. At the Inquiry into the redevelopment of the Herts and Essex hospital site, he persuaded the Inspector that the former neo-Georgian nurses block should be preserved and incorporated into the housing development as a fine building in its own right and as a reminder of the many roles the site had fulfilled over its life. At the Inquiry into the regional plan he secured the removal from it of the ASRs as a strategic housing site and he pressed for similar treatment of them at the Inquiry into the local plan, though with less success.

When the Civic Federation was set up in 2006, all our member organisations were unanimously agreed that he should be invited to be our first President. He took to the role with the gusto that characterised everything he did. He represented us on the 2020 Vision Committee setting out the aspirations for the future of the town. He led the campaign to hold EHDC properly to account for their approach to the town centre redevelopment proposals by Hendersons – plans which are currently in limbo awaiting finalisation of the S106 agreement. And, until a few weeks before his death, he was still speaking at public meetings, encouraging neighbouring parish councils to think about what the ASRs, a settlement the size of Sawbridgeworth tacked on to the edge of our town, would mean for them as well for the people who live and work here.

As a man with strongly held beliefs, Michael inevitably disagreed with people sometimes, but whatever the differences of view, he was always the soul of courtesy and good humour. In the many tributes that were published following the news of his death the one that stands out was the description of him as 'the people's champion'. He will be sadly missed, not just by his colleagues at the Civic Federation, but by the many people in the town for whom he worked so tirelessly.

25 Sep 12 - Silver Leys medical centre refused planning permission

East Herts District Council's Development Control Committee refused planning permission for the South Street surgery to relocate to a new medical centre at Silver Leys. See this story: Council says no to medical centre at Silver Leys but yes to one at Tanners Wharf which was published in the Herts and Essex Observer on 26 September 2012.

12 Sep 12 - Schools Public Inquiry verdict victory

Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, rejects schools relocation appeals.

20 Apr 12 - Schools verdict delayed until July

The government has delayed publication of the schools public inquiry report until July 2012.

13 Feb 12 - Retail Association fully supports BSCF move to seek judicial review

The BSCF is delighted to report that the Bishop's Stortford Retail Association has issued a statement fully supporting its move to seek a judicial review of EHDC's decision to approve Henderson's plans for the redevelopment of the Causeway site.

8 Feb 12 - Town Council votes in favour of Judicial Review

At a full Town Council meeting held on 8 February, Bishop's Stortford Town Council voted to support the BSCF's move to apply for a judicial review of East Herts Council Development Control Committee's decision of 25 August 2011 to grant planning permision to Henderson to develop the Causeway site.

All members present voted in favour except Cllr Janice Elliott, who abstained.

See this story: Town Council to "test validity" of Causeway plan yes vote which appeared in the online and print editions of the Herts and Essex Observer on 9 February 2012.