"A Vision for Bishop's Stortford"

A Press Release from East Herts District Council - November 2007

A town in which people love to live, work and visit — that's the vision of a group of business people, community activists and councillors who held their first meeting earlier this month.

The board, brought together by East Herts Council leader Tony Jackson, quickly established that they have one major aim in common — lots of enthusiasm for the town's future. "We're creating a long term vision which will carry us through the next 10 years or more," said Cllr Jackson.

"What we need to do is get the views of the silent majority, all those residents whose voices we never hear. We also want to get young people involved."

To that end, they're planning a competition for school pupils to create a name and a catchy logo for the board. In that way they hope to reach the parents too.

Issues on the board’s agenda include sport and leisure, transport, protecting the town's historical heritage and similar topics which all contribute to making a town a good place in which to be. The board plans to set up new groups of relevant citizens who will report on specific issues and then disband.

Cllr Jackson added: "Change is going to happen in Bishop's Stortford: Harlow north is likely to grow and Stansted Airport will get busier, and this will offer economic opportunities as well as challenges. We need to ensure we're creating a clear vision of how we want Bishop's Stortford to be so that these developments benefit the town in ways that people will welcome."


Attendees at the First Meeting

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