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Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement in England. We make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. We promote civic pride.
Website Description
AirportWatch An umbrella movement uniting the national environmental organisations, the airport community groups, and individuals opposed to unsustainable aviation expansion.
Campaign to Protect Rural England A well designed and detailed site dedicated to the protection of rural England for the benefit of everyone.
Civic Societies A stylish new website run by the Civic Trust where civic societies can exchange news and views, contribute to Government consultations and join online discussions.  Available to both civic societies and the public, the website highlights the issues facing citizens today - from buying locally to town centre management. The website encourages and helps people to take action, make their views heard, and play their part in shaping their local communities.
The Civic Trust The Civic Trust is the national umbrella organisation for over 800 civic societies, representing over 250,000 individuals committed to improving and caring for places where people live and work.
Civic Voice New! Civic Voice is "the national charity for the civic movement in England. We make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. We promote civic pride."
Environmental Law Foundation A national UK charity that helps people use the law to protect and improve their local environment and quality of life. Through a network of specialist lawyers and consultants across the UK, they provide free guidance and continuing support to those in need of assistance.
English Heritage English Heritage champions England's historic places and advises the Government and others to help today's generation to get the best out of our heritage and ensure that it is protected for future generations.
Friends of the Earth (England) An organisation dedicated to helping local communities analyse the root causes of their environmental problems, find possible solutions and have their voice heard by decision makers.
HACAN ClearSkies HACAN ClearSkies (Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise) stands up for all people adversely affected by the increasing number of aircraft flying in and out of Heathrow airport. HACAN campaigns for quieter, cleaner and safer conditions for residents living under Heathrow's flight paths.
Plane Stupid Plane Stupid is a network of groups taking direct action against airport expansion and aviation's climate impact.
Planning Aid This site provides free, independent and professional town planning advice and support to communities and individuals who cannot afford to pay planning consultant fees. It complements the work of local planning authorities, but is wholly independent of them. A campaign against the government's plans to remove community voices from the planning process. A useful site giving details of all elected politicians for a particular postal area.