BSCF's comments after meeting with Solum to discuss their Goods Yard redevelopment proposals

Solum Regeneration
14 February 2016

Dear Sirs


We had an interesting meeting with you on 3 February and some of our committee members also attended your public exhibition at other times over the two days.

As a general comment, we feel that in some respects the scheme has moved backwards compared with the presentation that you gave to us last October. The location and layout of the bus station, drop off point and taxi rank is essentially the same as we have at the moment and so the opportunity for an improved transport interchange and a much more clearly defined pedestrian link from the station to the town centre seem to have been lost. We understand that you do not now intend to allow general vehicular access from the southern end of the site until the last phase of development when Network Rail has released the siding from operational use at some unknown time in the future. In our view, even the earlier stages of development will generate additional traffic and will lead to unacceptable congestion on the London Road and into and out of the station car park without a southern access for cars. And we remain of the view that the tallest buildings should be reduced by a storey in height.

We also have some more detailed questions and points for clarification

As before I am copying this letter to Kevin Steptoe, and also to Cathy Tooze, Head Teacher at the Herts and Essex School in view of the concerns raised in the fourth bullet point.

Yours faithfully