BSCF's further comments on Solum's public exhibition outlining their Goods Yard redevelopment proposals

Solum Regeneration
27 January 2016

Dear Sirs


I am writing to you following your presentation on 11 January with further feedback from our members on your plans for the goods yard site. I should say at the outset that we were disappointed that relatively few of our previous comments had been taken on board and so I shall list briefly the issues which concern us rather than repeating at length the points we have already made.

Our concerns are as follows

Traffic and Parking

Quantum and Scale of Development

Architectural Design

Riverside Opportunities

Gateway to the Town

Construction Traffic


I am sorry if this response seems rather negative but it seems to us that you have a great deal more work to do. As a result, you may well find that a further public exhibition will be needed after the one to be held on 2 and 3 February, before your planning application is submitted.

I am copying this email to Kevin Steptoe, Head of Planning and Building Control at EHDC.

Yours faithfully