BSCF letter in response to the Stansted Airport Draft Sustainable Development Plan Consultation

7 November 2014

Dear Sir or Madam

The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation committee has asked me to send this letter in response to your draft plan. I have revised the personal email I sent to you with permission from the committee.

  1. There is no question that the present airport serves a useful function for nearby residents; committee members use it occasionally. But we do not see the need to expand any further. Other airports should expand to serve their localities; we are thinking especially of Birmingham which needs a much improved service. And it is likely that Heathrow will grow soon, as a result of the present inquiry. Thus Stansted will continue to operate as a holiday route rather than a long-haul site.
  2. You need to demand quieter planes from your main airline partners. The noise levels haveimproved but they need to continue to improve; you should punish financially airlines which use noisy planes.
  3. You need to build a separate train line to Liverpool Street in order not to over-burden the commuter trains from Bishops Stortford and other stations. This has been promised for years but no progress is seen as yet.
  4. Stansted should be a proper, easy-to-use, free traffic hub. Your plan limits your view to traffic serving the airport; you ignore the fact that the airport serves as a useful hub forother purposes, e.g. coach to London, Oxford etc. You need to broaden your view and lookto improve the transfer service from traffic type to traffic type. This would require a major re-think on the layout of the airport/station/car parking/coach service etc.
  5. Short term parking should be free; there should be free drop-off facilities. We know of no other modern airport in any country which sees parking as a revenue-earner as you do.
  6. There are still very noisy flights early and late; these should be stopped.
  7. Some planes still track over the town; some of us remember the Korean Airline plane thatcame down. If a plane came down in the town, it would be a very major tragedy and we would see you on the TV saying: ‘lessons will be learnt’. Please take action now and stopthis.

Please take our comments into account when considering the future of Stansted Airport

Yours faithfully
Rob Francis
Treasurer, Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation