BSCF's Preferred Options for the District Plan

KEY POINTS of District Plan
SUMMARY of BSCF District Plan Critique
BSCF Critique of Draft District Plan

Kevin Steptoe
Head of Planning and Building Control
East Herts Council
Wallfields, Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ
9 May 2014


I am enclosing with this letter a critique of the draft District Plan together with a summary of the critique.

The Civic Federation welcome this opportunity to comment on the plan, the first since the publication of the core strategy options in 2010. We also appreciate that the council has allowed a three month consultation period. I understand that the consultation period was based on the assumption that a copy of the summary document would be delivered to every household in the district at the start of it. I am afraid, however, that in the case of Bishop's Stortford delivery has been extremely patchy. For example, neither our chairman, George Cutting, our vice chairman, Brian Edwards, nor I have received copies and some of our member Residents’ Associations have said that many households in their areas have been overlooked.

In the circumstances, the Civic Federation would like to suggest that a fresh delivery to all Bishop's Stortford households is organised and that the deadline for comments is extended by a month to give our residents a better opportunity to comment. After all, the plan envisages that Bishop's Stortford should be allocated more homes than any other urban settlement in the district and it would be unfortunate if our residents were not properly informed about it.

I am copying this letter and enclosures to Mark Prisk MP, to County and District Councillors representing Bishop's Stortford and to James Parker, Town Council Chief Executive.

John Rhodes
President, Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation