Email opposing proposed superschool New!

Email from a Stortford resident and parent to Councillor John Barfoot at Herts County Council


Dear Mr Barfooot

I write with regard to the proposed merging of the Herts & Essex High School and The Boys High.

Can you please explain to me how it is possible to justify spending our hard earned money, as tax payers, on promoting the merging of two schools that clearly is not wanted by the local community?

My daughter is due to start her secondary education at the Herts & Essex school this September. I was assured by the head mistress of that school that the proposed merger was no longer on the cards (which was an important part of my decision making process in choosing the school) and yet, despite this ludicrous scheme being rejected time and time again, more money is being squandered in trying to push it ahead.

I cannot believe that Herts County Council can get away with this careless and selfish waste of money when so many other wanted and needed services are potentially under threat.

I look forward to hearing a full and comprehensive explanation of why Herts County Council insists on ploughing ahead with this proposed merger and I would also like to know exactly how much money has been spent to date on this scheme.


Cathy Rielly