Letter to Bryan Thomsett, East Herts District Council on Areas of Special Restraint (ASRs)  Map 

Mr B. Thomsett
Pegs Lane
SG18 8EQ
7 February 2011

Dear Bryan,


I enclose a paper I have written on behalf of the Civic Federation which I should be grateful if you would treat as part of our submission to the LDF consultation.

I have been helped in its production by a group of Bishop’s Stortford’s District Councillors from both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties and an Independent.

They have assured me that none of our District Councillors wish to see any development on the ASRs.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Hurford
Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation

Copies to
Cllr M. Carver EHDC
K. Steptoe
A. Young
All B/S District Councillors
Chief Executive BS Town Council
H&E Observer
Stortford Scene