Sample letter for objecting to proposed schools' move

The closing date for objections to the schools' planning applications is 27 August 2010. If you want to object, you need to send a letter to Development Control at EHDC. You need to give at least ONE reason for objecting and you should date and sign the letter. Letters may be sent by mail (address on sample letter below) or by email to:

See this extract from the planning officers' report of 2008 giving reasons why they recommended that planning permission be refused.

Development Control
East Herts District Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ

Your address here

... July 2010

Re: Planning Application Numbers:

WW 3/10/1012/OP, Hadham Rd 3/10/1009/OP, BHS 3/10/1013/OP,
Beldams 3/10/1014/OP, H&E 3/10/1015/OP, Jobbers Wood 3/10/1044/FO

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to object to the above planning applications. My reasons for objecting are outlined below.

Yours faithfully, ...

Your signature