BSCF Objections to Proposed Sunday Parking Charges

Letter to East Herts District Council

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Jeff Hughes
Head of Democratic and Legal Support Services
East Hertfordshire District Council
Council Offices
The Causeway
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 2EN
18 March 2010

Dear Mr Hughes,

Reference: Off-Street Parking Places Consolidation Order No 12010

I am writing to you to object to the above Order No 12010 on behalf of the Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation, which represents residents associations and local communities across the town numbering some 6000 plus dwellings.

The reasons for our objection are as follows:

As usual, EHDC have failed to look at parking problems as a whole and are proposing action which would simply shift the problem on to local residents.

For most residential areas in and around the town centre there are no restrictions preventing on-street car parking on Sundays. This includes residents’ parking schemes such as that on Windhill for example. This order will prevent residents who have paid for parking permits from parking near their homes.

Since EHDC have made no proposals to amend these restrictions, the only result of these charging proposals will be a massive increase in on-street car parking in the town on Sundays, which will result in traffic chaos.

Sunday charging will deter local residents and visitors who normally come to the town for shopping and leisure activities along the river. Any increase in charges will have a negative impact on the local shops and restaurants, at a time when they are doing their best to survive the recession. It will also have a cost impact on staff who work in the town on Sundays.

Also, many of our members are regular Churchgoers who come to the town on Sunday to worship; they will also be unfairly subjected to these charges

We do not consider that the reported overall cost savings by EHDC to implement and operate the scheme are sufficient to justify subjecting the citizens of the town to this proposal.

In conclusion, we trust that EHDC will give the objections listed above more careful consideration and will withdraw these proposals.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Hannah

Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation.