BSCF's Formal Response to Henderson's Proposals for the Causeway Site

Open Letter to the Public

The comments set out below are based on the presentation given to the Civic Federation on 22 June 2010 and feedback from members of local Residents’ Associations who visited the public exhibition at the Causeway offices in Bishop’s Stortford.

It was disappointing that the information presented to the Civic Federation and at the public exhibition was extremely limited and relied heavily on artistic sketches which created a distorted perspective on height and contained no information about the elevations of the proposed buildings. It is recognised that this is only the start of the consultation process but residents must be consulted on this important detail should the project progress. It is vital that any development is in keeping with our market town.

General Observations

The initial impression of a space divided into quarters with walkways to reflect the existing street pattern, generating a circular route around the town’s shopping areas, was interesting. Public open spaces of adequate size with seating are something which is lacking currently. Hotel facilities are also lacking and would provide employment opportunities for residents.

We are pleased that Henderson wants to have the support of local residents by listening to what they hate most about recent developments. However:

Traffic and Access




The proposals demonstrate a lack of detailed knowledge of Bishop’s Stortford. It was felt key issues had not been adequately researched: traffic, access, parking, existing facilities and businesses. We would want Henderson to demonstrate that they have fully-considered and workable solutions to all these issues and look forward to working with Henderson to examine these. We feel it is vital that any site and building design compliment and enhance this conservation area of our town. With this in mind, we would like to invite Henderson to meet again with the Civic Federation to discuss the feedback from local communities and to explore the Civic Federation’s proposals.