Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation - "People's Vision"

Email to all local councillors

Dear Councillors,

Please find attached a copy of the Civic Federation's "People's Vision" document for our town together with the covering letter which has been sent to Councillor Jackson for circulation amongst his 2020 Vision Committee.

For your information the background to the preparation of this document is as follows:

In early September, a meeting took place between Councillor Jackson and a group of young Civic Federation representatives from residents' associations and local communities around the town. The meeting was arranged at his request and the main purpose was to find out how young people felt about the growth of town and their vision for the future.

Following this meeting, there was considerable concern amongst the group, not only at the lack of progress with the 2020 Vision project, but the reaction to the issues raised, which suggested that their views would not be properly addressed. This negative response from Councillor Jackson prompted them to develop the attached document to set out their concerns clearly, succinctly and quickly.

Finally, the Civic Federation believes that the vision statements reflect the aims and aspirations of the majority of people in Bishop's Stortford and the reasons why they chose to live in our town. As elected representatives of the people, we are sure that you will want to support "The People’s Vision" and use your best endeavours to achieve their goals together with the Civic Federation.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Hannah,
Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation