BSCF objections to Bridge Works planning application

Letter to the East Herts District Council

Mr. K. Steptoe,
Head of Development Control,
East Herts Council,
Pegs Lane,
SG13 8EQ
24 March 2009

Dear Mr Steptoe

J. Day & Son, Bridge Works, Station Road, Bishop’s Stortford.

I write on behalf of the Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation to object to the above planning application. The reasons for objection are:

  1. The development is excessively high and, with the Jackson Square Phase two development opposite, would give a ‘canyoning’ effect to the river and spoil its appearance, particularly as it is the river entrance to the moorings in the town centre.
  2. The development is much too bulky and overbearing and represents gross over development of a relatively small site.
  3. The design bears no relationship to the local architecture of the town and is totally unsuitable.
  4. Dell Lane is very narrow and there would be safety problems with the ingress and egress at the development, especially for traffic coming out of the lane at the Dane Street junction.
  5. There would be safety implications with traffic accessing the site conflicting with the heavy grain lorries that deliver and collect on a daily basis at the Mill.
  6. Consideration should be given to three bed family units, rather than the one or two bedroom apartments with which Bishop’s Stortford is already saturated.
  7. This site should not be considered in isolation but as part of an overall plan, including both the Mill site and the Goods Yard.
  8. The construction equipment for this height of development would cause danger by the bridge to both traffic and pedestrians at the Station Road/Dell Lane junction, exacerbated by the heavy lorries turning left from Station Road into Dell Lane to access the Mill.

I trust you will take these objections into account when putting forward your recommendations to the Development Control Committee.

The Civic Federation representative will wish to speak, objecting to the application, at the relevant Development Control Meeting and I look forward to hearing from you with the date of the meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Les Pinnell

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