Objection Letter - some points to consider  Map 

There is still time to write to object to the proposed schools' move and the resultant housing development. Letters have to be received by Tuesday, December 9, 2008.

If you want to write a letter of objection, we suggest that you select one (or more) of the six planning applications that are of most relevance to you. Include the planning reference(s) on the letter.

You can address the letter to the Case Officer(s) concerned or to Mr Kevin Steptoe, the head of Development Control.

The application references are:
Reference NumberLocationCase Officer
3/08/1101/OP Beldams Lane – 180 dwellings. Alyson Young
3/08/1102/OP Herts & Essex Girls School – 125 dwellings. Alyson Young
3/08/1103/OP Boys High School – 220 dwellings. Chay Dempster
3/08/1115/OP Hadham Road - 250 dwellings. Liz Humbie
3/08/1116/OP Hadham Road - 165 dwellings (contingency in case the area of the site used for sports purposes is not released in time). Liz Humbie
3/08/1117/OP Whittington Way new schools. Chay Dempster

You may want to include some of the points in the sample letter below. If you need more detail, see this more detailed letter.

Mr Kevin Steptoe
Head of Development Control
East Herts Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ
... September 2008

Your Ref: <Reference number>

Dear ...

I am writing to object to the above planning application(s). My reasons for objecting are outlined below.

• Irreversible loss of Green Belt.

• Excessive housing provision, not needed to meet Bishop's Stortford's housing allocation in the local plan and with proposed densities more appropriate to an inner city than a country market town.

• Failure to meet the educational needs of the town by providing insufficient additional school places or additional parental choice when the viable alternative site at Hadham Road could provide a new school which would satisfy these and the other concerns about the educational impact of the proposals.

• Major traffic and access implications compared with the Hadham Road alternative.

• Transport assessments which are so flawed that they provide no reliable basis on which to accept these proposals.

• A new school location (Whittington Way) will be unable to comply with building regulation noise limits in the longer term unless no further expansion of Stansted Airport takes place.

• Blighting the town with construction traffic for years to come. The town has already suffered greatly through excessive development.

Yours ...