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Letter published in the Herts & Essex Observer on 17 April 2008

Herts & Essex Observer
12 North Street
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 2LQ
9 April 2008

Proposed Location of New Schools

I refer to your article in last weeks Observer regarding the "Future of Schooling in Bishop's Stortford" and wish to challenge the reasons being put forward by the schools for selecting the Whittington Way site.

In conclusion, this is the first time that the public have been given the opportunity to find out about the new schools whose plans have been developed in secret over at least the last couple of years, and unless people make their voices heard now it could well be their last opportunity too.

Therefore, I strongly urge everyone who does not support the location of the new schools and the resulting new housing development to write to their East Hert District Councillor, and Hertfordshire County Councillor so that they can be in no doubt about the strength of opinion on this subject.

For more information about the case against these proposals, see other pages on this website but do not leave it just to us to make your objections for you – numbers will count. I’m afraid people will need to write again formally to object to the proposals when the planning applications are submitted but you need not wait until then to let your Councillor know what you think.

Richard Hannah