Schools' Move Consultation Period

Email to Councillor Ralph Gilbert (copied to Kevin Steptoe - Head of Planning and Building Control, East Herts District Council) on the public consultation period for the proposed schools' move

To:Ralph Gilbert
East Herts District Council
12 June 2008

Hi Ralph,

I read in last weeks Observer as part of the article by Mark Prisk that a spokesman from EHDC has rejected the proposal to extend the 21 day consultation period. Can you please confirm what the actual situation is and who the person is in EHDC council who made this statement?

Also, do you or Kevin know when the schools planning application is expect to be made available for public inspection?

Richard Hannah
Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation

Emailed reply from Kevin Steptoe, Head of Planning and Building Control, East Herts District Council  Top 

To: Richard Hannah
Bishop's Stortford Civic Federation
16 June 2008


I am responding in relation to your e-mail to Ralph Gilbert regarding the consultation on the schools proposals.

When all the applications have been received (as you know, they are to submit proposals for the new schools and the redevelopment of the existing sites concurrently) we will identify a date for a meeting of the Development Control Committee to consider the proposals. This is likely to be a special meeting of the committee (that is, in addition to the dates already identified, and just for the propose of dealing with these applications).

Once that date is established, we will then be in a position to confirm our report writing schedule and that all comments made up until that date will be taken into account in the formulation of that report.

I cannot confirm those dates for you today – but it is likely to allow a period of between 8 – 10 weeks.

When you receive your initial letter(s) of consultation it will confirm the normal 21 day period – but we will publicise the 'long stop' date, as set out above, as soon as we have it.

In terms of the applications, I can confirm that we have not received them all as yet. Once they are all received we will be checking them carefully to ensure we have all the necessary information – and then they will be available for inspection.

If you need any more information at this stage – please let me know.

Kevin Steptoe