Objections to the proposed hotel at South Street, Bishop's Stortford

Letter from Les Pinnell

Mr Kevin Steptoe
Head of Development Control
East Herts Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ
2nd December 2008

Dear Mr Steptoe,


I write on behalf of the Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation to object to the above planning application.

Whilst the Federation has no objections, in principle, to an hotel in the town it must oppose this application on a number of grounds.

  1. The additional traffic resulting from the hotel, both cars and delivery vehicles, would add considerably to the congestion and dangers in this area as this part of South Street is a congested, narrow road and a main route in and out of the town.
  2. The egress and ingress onto South Street is sited on the northern approach zigzags to the Post Office pedestrian crossing. Any egress and ingress for an hotel along this stretch of road is undesirable.
  3. The height of the hotel is not acceptable. With the Leisure Centre on the opposite side, this would give a canyon effect to the river. We need to ensure that the river entrance to the town remains an attractive route into the town centre for visitors coming in via the river.
  4. The design of the hotel is also unacceptable as it is not in keeping with, and totally ignores, the architecture of the general area. The design might well be suitable for new towns such as Stevenage or Milton Keynes but certainly not for Bishop’s Stortford.

The Civic Federation would not object to the demolition of the existing buildings, provided approval had been given for what would immediately replace them, as demolition without replacement would blight the area.

I trust you will take these objections into account when making your recommendation.

Yours sincerely,
Les Pinnell